Dr. Massoud bases his approach on the following set of values:


Like a beautiful movement of a watch, there is refinement to the precision and beauty of a well-made restoration.

Dr. Massoud conscientiously pays attention to the finest detail; for example he gives the porcelain crown a natural finish in harmony with the rest of the mouth.

While high technology and the finest materials are of course utilized, it is the highly skilled human hand that assures the restoration of the finest aesthetics. This requires dedication, passion and ingenuity, regarding each work as unique.

Dr. M. practices and lives by his motto, "The Art of Science"


The dedication and zeal we bring to our work has maintained our reputation for the highest quality over the past 25 years. This naturally results in a loyal following, with patients traveling from every corner of the world seeking treatment at our office. Patients travel from places such as London, Paris, Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, Hong Kong and all over South America, understanding and appreciating the need for quality treatment.

Quality is achieved by striving for the ideal.


It is hard to measure the value of treatment in purely financial terms. Reliability, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and comfort are all key qualities of the end product, the most important being longevity. With the use of noble materials, high technology and the highest standards, we are confident that the results will be long lasting.

Lasting value is both material and emotional.


Dr. Massoud is constantly challenged and inspired by innovation. Incessant improvement is the driving force of his work. He strives to find finer methods and products to bring to his patients. This is reflected in the constant upgrading of our equipment, technologies and materials used. Furthermore, Dr. Massoud regularly attends conferences and seminars to keep ahead of new developments and seek an avant-garde vision in the field.

This creativity has led Dr. Massoud to invent and patent a device for implant surgery. Presently he is continuing his research in the field of implantology, working on several projects.


Dr. Massoud approach to treatment goes beyond the technical aspect. Each patient is regarded as a unique individual, with their own particular needs. Dr. Massoud tailors treatment that fulfills the patient's expectations, desires and needs. Attentiveness and sensitivity to patients' concerns are the first steps in creating a treatment plan solution. These skills call for a keen vision and virtuosity as well as communication and reassurance in order to yield results of unparalleled precision.

Communication with the patient is always a top priority.